Thursday, September 26, 2013

Photos from Spring Break in Red Rocks

At the end of last March, I showed a bunch of young crushers from SoCal and Colorado around Red Rock Canyon, NV, where I started climbing almost 16 years ago.

I had kind of forgotten that my dslr was floating around during that trip and had neglected to look at the photos until today!

Here are a few of the kids on the incredible desert sandstone of Red Rocks.

Mike McGee onsighting "Yaak Crack," (5.11c) at The Gallery.
Joe Goodacre being lowered off of "The Glitch," (5.12c) at The Gallery.
Mike McGee, Natalie Josefsberg, and Isabelle Goodacre hanging at The Pier.
Joe Goodacre sending "Geometric Progression," (5.12b) at The Pier.
Isabelle Goodacre warming up on "Under the Boardwalk," (5.11a) at The Pier.
Finn Stack mid-send on "Geometric Progression," (5.12b) The Pier.
Mike McGee, "Geometric Progression" (.12b)
Mike McGee, "Geometric Progression" (.12b)
Joe Goodacre practicing his "Sharma calls" on "Geometric Progression," (5.12b) The Pier.
Joe on "Nightmare on Crude Street," (5.10d) at the Black Corridor.
Natalie Josefsberg working "Ambushed," (5.13a) at The Secret 13.
Isabelle Goodacre working "Ambushed" (5.13a).
Joe Goodacre working "Ambushed," (5.13a) at the Secret 13 crag.
Now that the American Bouldering Series (ABS) competition season has begun and the fall bouldering season is finally setting in, I will be updating the Anonymous Climbing Team blog more frequently with photos, videos, and even some peaks at the kind of serious training that these young crushers endure to reach their climbing goals.

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